React Native problem with oberserveComments, observePost, ObserveCommunity

I just used oberserveComments comments in my app but it not work when owner post call this method.

on observePost it work when new comment arrive but it not work when I update post’s metadata.

on ObserveCommunity it not trigger when I create new post.

where can I debug it? or get an error message for now it just notting happen.

Hello @naphat the team is now investigating this case and will inform you once we have an update. Thanks again for your enquiry :pray:t2:

Hello @naphat we already released this fix, could you retest it please? Thank you :blush::pray:

thanks for your help kub :slight_smile:

I seem to be having the same problem. None of the observers callbacks ever gets called.

I am using
0.0.1-beta.11 of the ts-sdk
in a react-native app
on Endpoint: ‘eu’

In which version was this behaviour fixed?

with kind regards

Hello @Avo, please let me check with the team and will get back to you :pray: thank you.

Hello @Avo could you please retest this with the latest ts-sdk v0.0.1-beta.12? :pray: