Realm library is quite outdated

Realm library is quite outdated, any plan to update amity version 5.5 vs current version 10.3

The SDK uses Realm v5.5, and currently we don’t have any plan to move to v10.

However we do have a plan to catch up with v5.5.x, if there is a patch available.

@nrewik Out of curiosity, could you let us know why?

Any update on that? Seems like the update to 10 seems quite significant, right?

Hi @markus,

Currently we don’t support realm version 10.x. This is to maintain our product stability. We have tested our SDK on Realm 5.x.x thoroughly and are confident enough with this version. Realm version 10.x is quite new but 5.x version is battle tested and they still actively maintain with bug fixes & releases. We do have a plan to move to version 10.x at some point but not immediately. We want to make sure this upgrade doesn’t affect our existing customer & seamlessly integrate with our SDK without any issues.