Refresh Posts TS SDK

I am trying to implement refreshing with the TS SDK. I am able to query posts as follows, but using PostRepository.getPosts again on refresh does not grab the latest posts. Any ideas for how to do this?

const GetPosts: FC<{ targetId: string; targetType: string }> = ({ targetId, targetType }) => {
  const [posts, setPosts] = useState<Amity.Post[]>();

  const fetchPosts = () => {
    const unsubscribe = PostRepository.getPosts(
      { targetId, targetType },
      ({ data: posts, onNextPage, hasNextPage, loading, error }) => {


  useEffect(() => {

  const onRefresh() => {
     fetchPosts() // NOT RECEIVING NEW POSTS

  return null;

Hey @joee,

This will be fixed this release. I’ll send you a nightly build asap in the meantime so it doesn’t block you.
Will keep you updated on any further changes.

Kind regards,

Hi @joee ,

Our production fix vers. 6.3.0 is now released, please freely upgrade & retry.

Thank you,
Amity Support