Regarding typing indicator with conversational channel

I wanted to know about how can i use or show typing indicator in conversational channel because i have used the predefine ui of chat page but it’s not showing at all so please suggest me any doc or any example with that i can achieve what i want.

@akshayg.stacksum could you please share your current code and your sdk/uikit version please?

I have used latest version of UI KIT and i guess typing indicator comes with pre-built chat screen

Hi @akshayg.stacksum
We’ve confirmed that this feature is not released yet. If it ever will be we’ll keep you updated.

Apologies for any inconvenience on your part, thank you.

Amity Support

What if i build my own custom chat page then i can implement ?

@akshayg.stacksum yes you’re able to, but you’ll have to rebuild the systems and UI yourself

Can you please share me the piece of code to achieve this.

Hi @akshayg.stacksum
Unfortunately we don’t have sample codes available for such features.

But our open sourced UIkit allows you to freely customize/implement
Any other questions regarding our current features please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Okay thanks not at the moment.