Search icon and function is not presented on EkoCommunityHomePageController View

Vodworks is implementing the community page by using the Upstra UIKit with EkoCommunityHomePageController. However, they are not able to find the search icon/function on the top right of the screen.

It seems so for me as well when I tried to represent the view during my own demo app development using the UIKit and the same controller. But I believe there is this function presented on the UIKit as I’ve seen it on the sample app, would it somehow get deleted on the current version of the UIKIT (1.6.0)?

On version 1.6.0, the search button is still on the top right of EkoCommunityHomePageController.
This button is using base color, did you set a custom theme or other customization?

Response from Vodworks:

“I have customized the theme according to design
. As you remember there was an issue in upstra kit when I changed tabs on EKOCmmunityhomepageController and you asked me to create a custom controller and pass Newsfeed and Explore controller as a child. So now the search icon on top is a custom button.”

Due to the search function isn’t public API, please follow this instruction for implementing community search.