Search messages by text

Hello, is it possible to search messages by text? I’m looking at the web sdk here but couldn’t find any hint for it.

@wzulfikar thanks for your question

Unfortunately searching message by text is currently not supported

Thanks for your prompt reply! Is it planned for upcoming feature or it’s not something that will come soon?

Hi @wzulfikar - we do expose all posts / messages / comment via google pubsub that can be stored into an external Elasticsearch for custom search purpose - please see here: Real-Time Events - Amity Docs

There’s also a ready-made extension that can be deployed to subscribe to those events and write to Elasticsearch

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Can you give a link to that extension?

The code is here - it’s our google pubsub is still in closed beta you would need to contact our support with your Google Pubsub credential to enable that first though

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