Sender display name is showing incorrect

Hi Team,

In the recent chat and header of the chat room, the sender name is displayed incorrectly. We are using the latest SDK version 5.27.1. Issues with the avatar as well for the recent chat list and chat room.

Scenario: User A started a conversation with User B. For User B it’s showing his display name both in the recent chat and chat room instead of User A’s display name.

Please check the attached screenshot.

Hi @IMKalpataru can you pls try with sdk version 5.28 and see if this issue is still happening?

hi @amitysupport after upgrading the SDK to 5.28.0 the profile picture issue got fixed(Avatar is not showing for Recommended community and Today's trending community - #10 by IMKalpataru), but still, we have chat issues.

I(kalpa sahoo) have sent a message to Test Four, and for test four the recent chat name and chat room header name are showing Test Four’s name instead of kalpa sahoo. Please check the attached image.
Please check the avatar as well for recent chat and chat room.

Noted, let me pass this issue to the team for further checking. Thank you for the update.

May I pls have your uikit version as well?

The uikit version 2.26.1. Thanks