Slowness for loading feeds in community and home

Hi @amitysupport,

It’s very slow to get the feed data in the community and home. Is there any way to make the loading/getting data faster?

Hi @IMKalpataru can you pls capture HAR file and share with us along with the vdo of when the feeds loading pls?

Hi @amitysupport Please find attached the video and network call from the app inspection.
Screen Recording 2022-10-25 at 5.24.56
Recording 4.mp4

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Thank you @IMKalpataru I’ve passed this to our engineers, we will look into it :pray: May I have your current sdk version as well pls? Is it the latest version?

Hi @amitysupport currently we are using 5.28.0. Is the updated SDK is 5.29.0?

@IMKalpataru Yes, the latest one is 5.29, but we did experience the slowness on the latest version as well, our team will do further investigation on this.