The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format

We are having some issues getting the AmityUIKit framework to build it seems.

We have followed the instructions from here

There seems to be multiple similar reports of this issue but no resolution I could see.

Could someone please advise?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pdxchance can you please double check if you have git lfs installed in your project?

Ahhh, I didn’t have it but I installed it with Homebrew.

Seemed to get farther but now there is this issue. It cannot find the framework? Yet, it seems to be installed.

Can you advise please?


Please disregard this thread. It seems easier to now use SPM. We are going to go that route.


Hi @pdxchance we would recommend you to use our open source though, since, it enables you to customise everything as you wish and it’s a better option for the long term.

Can you check if you’ve the UIKit project configurations to be same as your main project configurations?

Thanks for the direction. We re-created the project and have a clean build now using the Amity frameworks.