Timeline for web push notifications?


I am absolutely desperate for web push notifications! I see that you advertise the feature as “coming soon”. Do you have a target timeline for this?

I see that iOS 16 is finally going to support web push notifications for PWAs (hooray!!!). It would be great if Amity web push notifications are working by the time iOS fully releases the feature :slight_smile:

Hello Ham, currently, we don’t have an official timeline for web push notification yet. We will announce once it’s available.

In the meantime, you can use our webhook to manage push notification on web, kindly see this article: Create a Webhook URL to subscribe to Amity real-time events with Node.js & send push notifications to iOS + Android devices & Web browsers | by Mark Worachote | Medium

Please let us know if you have further questions :)) :pray:

Thanks @amitysupport I am making use of your webhooks as a temporary solution.

Even though you cannot offer the timeline, can you confirm that you are definitely committed to releasing web push notifications as a feature? It’s incredibly important for me (and I suspect many others moving into PWAs) so I need to know if you are 100% committed to building the feature. If not, I need to change to a different solution long-term.


Hi @ham,

To update you on this, our product team has looked into direct web notifications and this is not something we plan to develop. However, we fully understand the importance of push notifications. In case you haven’t followed our recent announcements, we have actually delivered a feature for push notifications specifically for clients using our web SDK but it also works the same across all platforms. The direct push notifications that you currently have in console, are now available in webhook as a fully ready notification (/webhook/push-notifications/…). This allows you to simply get the notifications and send them straight to the clients. This feature simplifies having push notifications for all our clients on web but also for all clients who want to do some actions before sending the payload, such as translations, analytics, batching, etc. As the product continues to grow, we will be introducing new notifications to console and to the webhook together.

If there is a specific type of notifications you need that we do not currently support, please let us know and I will submit it as a feature request to the product team. In the meantime, you should be able to find a webhook event that will cover the needed use case :pray:

Thanks @amitysupport that makes sense. I like this approach a lot.

Only one question…

I am currently receiving webhook events from Amity, but I do not seem to be getting /webhook/push-notification/… events. For example, if I like a post, I get a /webhook/v3.post.didAddReaction event but I do not get a /webhook/push-notification/… event.

So how to I enable these /push-notification/ events?

Do I need to do anything specific in the cloud console > settings > push notifications area of my account console?


Hi @ham yes, please try turning on the push notification on the cloud console please :pray:

Hi @amitysupport I tried that and it does not work. I do not get any /webhook/push-notification/… events to my registered webhook endpoint. It looks like this feature is not working on your end :frowning: . Can you please check and let me know?

Hi @ham I will have the team to check on this for you and will keep you posted. Thank you :)) :pray:

Hello @ham after checking with the team, by default, these webhook/push-noti endpoints won’t be enabled, it’s a further request. I would like to double confirm with you if you want to enable this, before I proceed it.

Hi @amitysupport - yes please! Please go ahead and enable these on both of my accounts (dev and prod). Can you let me know when done? Thanks!

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Yes @ham certainly, we will :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ham we have completed your request, please check if it works as you expected :)) :pray:

Thanks @amitysupport . I have started testing and I am getting the push-notification.created event for some actions (like commenting on a post or mentioning someone). I still need to test the data payload, but I immediately notice one issue…

When liking someone else’s post, I do get v3.post.didAddReaction event on my webhook but I do not get push-notification.created. I think I should get push-notification.created when a user likes another user’s post/comment/reply shouldn’t I?

Hi @ham, currently, the events those are related to the user feed don’t have push-notification type.

Oh I see. That explains it. Thanks @amitysupport :slight_smile: