Timeout of 1000ms exceeded

sometimes this error coming when I upload images
endpoint : https://api.us.amity.co/api/v3/files

Hi @symlinktech Could we please have the curls? and how big is that file?

curl --location --request POST ‘https://api.us.amity.co/api/v3/files
–header 'Authorization: Bearer {token}
–form ‘file=@“file.png”’

File Size : 300KB
It’s not happening all the time

So it happens sometimes when you create a post with files, correct?

Yes,it happens when we are trying to upload image

Got it, thank you. Will have the team check further on this.

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Hi @symlinktech we cannot reproduce this on our end. Please note that this could be due to various causes such as traffic or internet connection etc.

When it occurs again, could you please provide us the timestamp (date and time) along with your timezone, apikey and userID to our support email support.asc@amity.co?