Typscript Failed to subscribe to topic

After upgrading the typescript sdk from "@amityco/ts-sdk": "^0.0.1-beta.18", to "@amityco/ts-sdk": "^0.0.1-beta.22",
I stared getting the following error messages:

even after downgrading back to previous version, rebuilding the expo app en deleting the node modules. The error keeps returning

After some more testing, the error seems to be appearing when ever an amity connection is being made. And somehow the topic ID keeps being the same. So it doesn’t look like it depends on which user is creating a session.
Also, 1 of the 2 time the messages = Subscribed to topic 621e37a4056a5500d99e6af9 without the warning

Hi @mika - could you please share the code snippet when subscribing to the topic?

Hi @touchaponk it seems to be only happening when I call this function
Schermafbeelding 2022-06-23 om 11.49.13

It seems like the default subscription topic of the SDK’s real-time event system. We’ve reported this to the engineering team. However this shouldn’t impact any functionalities

Hi @mika this issue has been solved, can you pls retest? If you’re still facing it, please let us know :pray: