Unable to create post using EkoTextPostBuilder()

Describe the bug
Vodworks is trying to use the Upstra SDK to create a post so that they can further create comments on that post. The current situation is that they do not receive any callback once the function is called and the post is not created as well.

To Reproduce
Below is the code that they use to implement this:
Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 15 25 24

Expected behavior
Vodworks should be able to create posts on the Upstra SDK.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

Seems like this issue relates to object references. Can you please try moving feedRepository to the global scope and run it once again?

The repository should be held in the scope that we intend to make it run.

If we create the repository in the function scope, the instance will be deallocate after it is out of scope.

func someWhere() {
     let feedRepostiory = ....
     // When the function ends, feedRepostiory is destroyed, it no longer run or notify anything.

You could make feed repository as the app scope variable, or another scope that prolong the lifetime of feed repository.

For example

class AppManager {
    var feedRepository: EkoFeedRepository?

func someWhere() {
    AppManager.shared.feedRepository.create(...., { ... })

Close this, please re-open if the issue still happen.