Unable to fetch comments from EkoCommentRepository

Vodworks has tried to fetch comments that are posted below a post by using the postId that returns the latest comment on the post (See screenshot below for description). However, it returns no comment from the SDK. Also, the comment button apparently stopped working after posting a few comments.

Vodworks has described the issue as below:

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 11 24 48
Please assist. Thank you.

1. Comment fetching
postComments is a collection that needs to observe once. The return value must be assigned to postCommentsToken for holding its reference.

class YourViewController: UIViewController {
var repository: EkoCommentRepository?
var postComments: EkoCollection?
var postCommentsToken: EkoNotificationToken?

   func setup() {
      repository = EkoCommentRepository(client: client!)
      postComments = repository?.comments(withReferenceId: postId, referenceType: .post, filterByParentId: true, parentId: nil, orderBy: .descending, includeDeleted: false)
      postCommentsToken = commentCollection?.observe { collection, _, error in
         // persist data here

2. Current user fetching
EkoClient must be initialized with the correct API key. Then call registerDevice(: _) with user id and display name.
Can you recheck if self.client is not nil? If your problem isn’t solved, please provide us with more context.

3. Comment button doesn’t respond
There are 2 areas that are responsible for navigating to post detail (the page showing post, comment, and compose bar).

  • comment button (on the right of post like button)
  • comment cell (under the post like button)

We have tried reproducing the issue but it works fine on our side. Can you explain more on which button you tapped on?

Vodworks informed that it has been fixed, thank you for your assistance!