Unopened database connection pointer error

since the integration of Amity SDK on iOS we get a lot of those logs in the console. These logs are connected to SQLite. Can some please check if it’s possible to fix this?
2021-07-19 14:06:22.756846+0200 [97447:4558552] [logging] misuse at line 130557 of [02c344acea]
2021-07-19 14:06:22.757057+0200 [97447:4558552] [logging] API call with unopened database connection pointer

Hi @martin, thank you for the inquiry.
We already escalated this issue to the team and update you again.
May we ask a question, what is the iOS SDK version that you integrated? (the latest version 5.3.0?) Thank you very much.

Yes I’m using the latest SDK version - 5.3.0

@martin Noted, with thanks for the information.

Hi @martin, sorry for the late update.
We already fixed this issue yesterday evening
Thank you for your patience.