User posts in Community Feed

We are building a community for golfers.

A user (Player A) will post activities (rounds of golf, practice drills, etc) to their own feed. They are connected to their coach (Coach B) via a community (Community C), which contains the players coached by a Coach B. We don’t use Follow for this connection because a Coach can choose to add a player to their team, but doesn’t have to follow the player (that is a separate UX).

When Coach B logs in, they have a choice to see their main feed (Amity’s global feed is fine for this), but also a “My Players” feed, which will list the posts of the players included in Community A.

However, when I attempt to use the community-feed API for Community A, the posts result comes back empty. From what I can tell, this is due to the fact that the community feed only contains posts that use targetType/targetId of that community, not the posts of the users within it.

Is there any way to support this particular use case?

Hello! Just to clarify, are you referring to community A or player A from which you are trying to retrieve the post from the feed? And does the API work as expected with community C?

May we ask which API you’ve been using? can we please have the full API/link to the API?


Sorry, I’ll make myself clearer.

Community A contains Player A and Player B. Player C is not a member of Community A, but follows Player A. Coach A, who is a moderator of Community A, can view its feed.

If Player A posts Activity ABC and Player B posts Activity XYZ, I would expect:

  1. Player C sees Activity ABC in his global feed.
  2. Coach A sees both activities in Community A’s community feed as both activities are posted by members of Community A.

I’ve been using the following apis:
Global Feeds: /v5/me/global-feeds
User Feeds: /v3/user-feeds/$userId
Community Feeds: /v3/community-feeds/$communityId

Global Feeds and User Feeds work as I would expect, but Community Feeds don’t, as given the above scenario, the feed is empty. I suspect this is because a post needs to have a community target in order to display on a community feed, but this doesn’t support my use case.

Hi @richclippd As per the design specifications:

  • Player C will only have visibility of activity ABC in their global feed if they join the same community as Player A.
  • If Coach A joins Community A, he/she should have access to all activities within the community, including posts from its members.

Additionally, you are correct that creating a post in a community requires specifying the targetType(community) and targetId(communityID).

Please let us know if you have further questions.