User unable to join a channel

Describe the bug
Vodworks have been trying to use the SDK to have a user join a specific channel that they have created. However, the SDK does not return anything, not even an error message.

To Reproduce
Below are the codes that they have used in their attempt to make a user join a specific channel.
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 15 50 37

Expected behavior
The SDK should be able to add a user to a specific channel.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

When calling observe(:_) there will be a return value EkoNotificationToken . This token needs to be declared globally to keep its reference and waiting for live object emitting.

// global scope
var globalChannelToken: EkoNotificationToken?
var channelToken: EkoNotificationToken?

func setup() {
   globalChannelToken = globalChannel.observe { // assign to a token to keep reference of this observation

   channelToken = globalChannel.observe { 

May be relates to this issue ?

The SDK uses RAII pattern.

The observe block will be notified, as long as the token is held. If you want to unobserve, deallocate the token.

This is similar to the approach of observer API in iOS.

Close this, please re-open if the issue still happen.