Videos cannot be viewed or played in web

Unable to see the video thumbnail or play the video is web

Hello @Kiran, Based on the problem you’ve described, we’d like to ask for additional details to help us look into it more closely:

  1. Could you provide a snippet of the code where you’re encountering the issue?
  2. A video capture of the problem as you see it.
  3. The version of the Web UIKit you’re working with.

These pieces of information will assist us in diagnosing the issue further.

Hi Team , There is no option to upload a video here .

and the UIkit version used is 2.0.1

@Kiran Could you please provide a screenshot for us?

@Kiran Let me pass to check with my team and i’ll back to you soon.

Hello @Kiran , Regarding your issue, we recommend updating your Web UIKit to the current version(3.1.0). You can find more information and instructions on how to do this at the following links: Web UIKit Installation Guide and Web UIKit Changelogs.