WEB live stream: Streamer url(RTMP) giving unable to connect to server error

I have created a live stream from ASC backend, I try to broadcast live stream from OBS as well as from XSplit broadcaster, but I am getting unable to connect to server error. I am using correct creds(URL & auth key). Please check this.
If possible please provide some example of how to stream from other s/w as well as from amity SDK.


Hi @Sourabh can you please re-try to broadcast the live stream again ? we have fixed a related issue recently, this issue should be solved as well. If it’s still persisting please let us know. Thank you :pray:

I tried it again, now its not giving server error, but now it is giving Disconnected, Reconnecting again & again in both softwares[OBS & xSplit].

See, if you can suggest any broadcaster app that can be used.

Also how to integrate broadcaster in React(please add example if possible)

@Sourabh can you please share with us the steps how did you create this live stream ?


  1. Opened live stream section from https://asc.amity.co/video-streaming?region=us
  2. Clicked on + button & created a stream by entering title and desc.
  3. Opened the created stream & copied the server url.
  4. Installed OBS app on both(windows & mac).
  5. Click on setting & added stream url which I copied before.
  6. Selected the output & clicked on start streaming.
  7. Got the error shared above

@Sourabh I have tested this on OBS and it works fine for me, on #5 when you add stream url, did you choose service to custom ?

you can leave Server and Stream Key blank, press ok and start streaming.

I was doing same way as you suggested, but I got disconnected & reconnecting error.

I am using trial account, please check it will work or not on trial account.

May I ask what plan are you on ? please note that Basic plan doesn’t include, video/live stream.