Webhook issue on new post creation

Webhook for post creation is not working. Could you share steps to integrate. Also, is event type changed for new post creation use case from “v3.post.didCreate” to anything else.

Hello, are other events working as expected, or is it only this specific event that’s not working? Are there any errors showing up?

There are no errors but webhook request body is not being received at the webhook point i have given. It was coming before with event name “v3.post.didCreate” whenever i created a post on my community. Could you check if webhook feature is enabled and working as expected from your side. Sharing my account details:

username : yudhveer@numenhealth.com
application name: CommunityApplication

We might need more detail to further investigate this, could you please reach out to our support team via email: support.asc@amity.co, thank you.