Webhooks - not receiving any requests

We’ve been able to set up a webhook, however we’re not seeing any requests from amity for any events.

Is there something we’re missing in the set up? Or is there a way to see why we’re not getting any requests to our webhook?

to further clarify, yes our portal has webhooks enabled. We are using the webhook API key provided but not receiving any requests from amity for any events.

@touchaponk any chance you can assist with this?

Hi @justinb - Webhook is a closed beta feature that needs to be enabled through our support portal - could you please submit the request via: Jira Service Management and provide us with your API Key?

@touchaponk ok thanks. I can confirm that the webhooks have been enabled for our API Key but we aren’t getting any responses. we’ll go ahead and log the ticket tho.

Hi @justinb - webhook has been enabled on your account - could you please retest and let us know if it still doesnt work?