What's the difference between each channel types

Referring to documentation: Overview - Amity Docs
there are 4 types of channel with different set of features - but I still don’t get the intend usage and example use cases of when to use each type of channels - explanation please


All community channels are visible on the Amity Social Cloud Console.

The community channel is our default channel type and can be discovered by all users and admins. It acts as a public chat channel that showcases all of the features that our SDK’s have to offer.

Typical use cases:

  • Team collaboration

  • Online gaming

  • Celebrity fan club

  • Live streaming

  • Any type of public chat


All live channels are visible on the Amity Social Cloud Console.

Live channels offers the ability for users and admins to create channels with exclusive memberships. The live channel is identical to our Community channel in features with the caveat that users will not be able to discover the channel when querying for all channels unless they are already a member of it. However users and admins can still invite other users to join the channel.

Typical use cases:

  • Healthcare

  • Project Discussion

  • Any type of private chat

Community and Live channel types can use our SDK moderation tools:

  • Message and user flagging

  • Muting/Unmuting users

  • Banning/Unbanning users from channel

  • Profanity filters

  • Whitelisted URLs

  • User rate-limiting


All broadcast channels are visible on the Amity Social Cloud Console.

The Broadcast channel is heavily adopted by corporate users who constantly promote or advertise their products, or make the announcement to drive awareness. Unlink other channel types, broadcast channels only allow admin users to send messages from Console, and everyone else in the channel will be under read-only mode.

Since this is a one-way communication channel, a tailored moderation tools are provided as well, for instance, users won’t be able to flag message / user in the channel.

Typical use cases:

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • School / Government Announcements


Conversation channels are NOT visible on the Amity Social Cloud Console.

The Conversation channel is our solution to 1-on-1 messaging. Unlike the other channel types, a Conversation channel can be created simply by knowing the userId of the user we want to converse with. Users can start conversations with any other user and only they will be able to see their conversation.

There are no moderation tools for Conversation channels, users will be able to converse freely with no oversight!

Typical use cases:

  • Hospitality

  • Financial Consultancy

  • Customer Support