When I remove members, data is not fresh even though data status is not fresh

When I use removeMembers, the data returned by channelMembershipRepo.members is not fresh even though the data status is fresh.

it works perfectly when I try addMembers.

My remove members code looks like this

const channelMembershipRepo = dataChannel.membership;

    try {
      await channelMembershipRepo.removeMembers({
        userIds: [userId],
    } catch (error) {
      console.error('[Error] remove members: ', error);

and subscription to MembershipRepo looks like this

const channelRepo = new ChannelMembershipRepository(channelId);
const liveObject = channelRepo.members();

liveObject.on('dataUpdated', (models) => {
   console.log('members', models);

I’m using @amityco/js-sdk v5.5.0

I just realized, when you remove a member, it doesn’t remove the data from the members list, but it changes the membership from ‘member’ to ‘none’

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