Cache channels & messages data (RunQuery or useQuery)

Hello everyone! I want to cache the channels/messages but the pages of this implementations doesnt longer exists. Does this still a posibility?

If not, I want to implement useInfiniteQuery from Tanstack Query (ReactQuery) to cache/save the data on storage.
I’m using the lastest SDK version and the doc says only the “limit” param it’s accepted.

Did anyone already has implemented useInfiniteQuery?

Hello, could you clarify what you want to achieve with the cache? Are you looking to retrieve all data associated with a particular user, channel and messages?

Hello, I want to retrieve all the channels per user and messages for each channel

Hi, if that’s the case, we would recommend using a loop function to retrieve all the relevant data.

Alternatively, we also offer a pagination option. You can refer to this section for more information: TypeScript Live Objects/Collections - Amity Docs