Can we split events on webhook?


I am using webhook to listen events in API. I am interested in few events only but got all the events and amity is spamming our API. Currently I didn’t find a way to configure specific events on webhook URL. Console provides only to setup a URL.


Hello, we can limit the events for you per environment. For example:

Environment 1: Receive only comment events.
Environment 2: Receive only post events.

If this aligns with your requirements, we can proceed accordingly.

Hello @amitysupport

What you meant by environment ?


Can you explain a bit more what you meant by Environment here?


Apologies for any confusion. When we mention “environment,” we are referring to the application, each of which has its own unique API key. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Ah thanks for the clarification. I am interested in few events only at the moment for all the environments we have and for future environments as well. I will send you the list of events I am interested once I am finalized with it over email.

Thanks a lot :vulcan_salute:

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