Community Feature with react ts

import { createClient, API_REGIONS } from “@amityco/ts-sdk”;

const client = createClient(“b0e8e05d3a88a4634f31851d550d16dd855bd8e2bf326d2f”, API_REGIONS.SG);

I’m trying to get started but I’m getting this error: - Module ‘“@amityco/ts-sdk”’ has no exported member ‘createClient’.
could you tell me where can I find the proper docs from getting started to implement features for community in react ts.

Hey @salman23,

Sorry about that, since version 6.0.0, we have separated modules by repositories. I’ll update the Read me and get it to you soon.

In the meantime, you can follow the docs

Kind regards,

Hi @salman23,

The Read me has been updated please freely retry.

Thank you,
Amity Support