Delay displaying message after creating

This is partially in regard to this on the Docs

The message creation pattern in the SDK starts by optimistically creating a message on the local device without waiting for the server response. Sent messages are always returned in message queries, even before they have been delivered to the server. This provides the user with a fluid messaging flow: when a user sends a message, that sent message will appear in the message stream right away (instead of waiting until it has been confirmed by the server). To check or display the current status of message delivery for your application, use the syncState property in the message model.

Is optimistic UI currently implemented for the Typescript SDK? syncState doesn’t seem to exist on the Messages objects nor do messages appear immediately (optimistically) when creating a new message.

I’m currently using the Typescript SDK version 6.9.0

Hello, regarding the UI, could you please clarify if you are implementing ReactJS or React Native?

I’m implementing it with React Native

We have developed a React Native UIKit for chat, which may assist in improving loading times. We recommend using it as a guide and making adjustments as needed. You can access it here: GitHub - AmityCo/Amity-Chat-UIKit-React-Native-OpenSource: Amity Social Cloud offers Chat and Social SDKs to streamline app development. Dive into our UI Kits and sample apps in our repositories to spark your creativity. To learn more, visit