Delete message doesn't work anymore

When deleting a message using the MessageRepository.softDeleteMessage(messageId).then(close);
The live collection doesn’t update the message
How I knew:
This is my MessageList component

Added a useEffect to check if the messages was updated or not
The thing is that messages is updated whenever I add a new message but when deleting a message messages is not updated.

Here is my network tab:
This shows that the delete message was OK

This show that the get message (The one triggered by MessageRepository.deleteMessage) was OK and the payload of the message shows that isDeleted is set to true

However the message is still visible in the chat and the useEffect is never triggered

Hello @cadybo Which version of TS SDK are you currently using?

Hi Cadybo, We have option to include/exclude deleted messages from the list. If you don’t want to have deleted messages on the list. Could you try query messages this way?

 const unsubscribe = MessageRepository.getMessages(
    { subChannelId: channelId, limit: 10, includeDeleted: false },
    (value) => {

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