Exception on iOS (Null check operator used on a null value)

I have following exception:

Null check operator used on a null value
`#0 UserApiInterfaceImpl.getUserById (package:amity_sdk/src/data/data_source/remote/http_api_interface_impl/user_api_interface_impl.dart:33)

#1 UserRepoImpl.getUserById (package:amity_sdk/src/data/repo_impl/user_repo_impl.dart:21)
#2 GetUserByIdUseCase.get (package:amity_sdk/src/domain/usecase/user/get_user_by_id_usecase.dart:17)`

Could you please share your relevant code with us? Additionally, it would be helpful if you could outline the sequence of functions called leading up to the occurrence of this exception.

I sent a mail to - support.asc@amity.co

Thank you, we will check and get back to you :pray:

Hello, may I confirm if you are still encountering this exception? I noticed in another topic that you listed exceptions, but this particular one was not included.

Now I don’t have this exception