Fetch joined communities of a specific user

Need help in fetching all the public joined communities of a particular user.
I can not see this feature in Flutter SDK. We have one method for fetching my joined communities. But i want to fetch all joined communities by a particular user.

Hi @AmanGrappus ,

You can use Query Communities - Amity Docs, filter with Filter with AmityCommunityFilter.MEMBER.

Thank you,
Amity Support

Amity Support

Above shared suggestion is already working fine for us.
My query is to fetch communities joined by a specific user let’s say for userId '64d0b49946389ec2574261ft`.

Hello, this aligns with our product design. You can retrieve only the communities you’ve joined; however, you cannot access/retrieve communities joined by others.

Got it!.
Curious to know if an Amity Admin can view the list of community joined by a certain user?

Unfortunately, no. Only the owner/that particular user can.

Do we have open API’s to do that using owner permission?

This is the api: Amity API you can filter by member/notMember