Flutter: Post moderation

How to set rules for post moderation(specially for text post)? I know that we have an option for moderation on Amity dashboard, but I am unable to add the rules over there. I have below doubts:

  1. I am not sure if all the blocklisted words will be added under one rule or do I need to add separate
    rules for each word.
  2. Suppose I add KILL as blocklisted word on Amity portal, is it possible to block K*LL, K!LL, K@LL
    …etc words also using same rule?

Please provide me some example for that. Thank you.

Hello, for more info about blocklisted words please see here: User & Content Management - Amity Docs

isMatchExactWord: true/false

true : will block if an exact match is found
false : will block even if the expression is just a subset
Expression: “hell”
Will block: “hell”, “hello”, “shell”, “seashells”, etc…

unfortunately, our current moderation won’t cover this kind of case: K*LL, K!LL, K@LL