Getting all comments of a given user


We’d like to implement a user activity log in our application. I’m using ts-sdk in version 6.17.2
Is it possible to get all the comments created by a given user?

I’d also like to know if I can query posts by creator id. In my case every post that is being created on a platform lands in a community bucked.

Hello @jfiejka , Regarding the issue you’ve reported, we offer the following recommendations:

  1. While we cannot query comments created by a specific user, you can query by post id. You can check these documents for more information:
  1. We recommend using the content search feature. You can find more details in this document:

I don’t get how querying comments by post id can be helpful for my use case.

Any plans to include content search in the sdk in the upcoming future?

  1. Due to our current product architecture, query comments is only possible by post ID, not user ID.

  2. Unfortunately, no. Content search is a separate service that can be utilized alongside our SDK.