How to filter queries and removed deleted items from the SDK itself?

I want to query the comments, and I do not want to receive deleted comments.

Currently, i deleted few comments but while doing the query, I still receive it and need to filter it on the frontend.

Is there a way to achieve this while querying?

const comments = CommentRepository.queryComments({ 
    referenceType: 'content',
    referenceId: referenceIdTest,

The docs don’t mention any filters, I am using this link, am I using the wrong docs?

Is there proper documentation on queries and parameters I can pass? also, will there be support for types to use with typescript, we need this soon!

Any suggestion or help is much appreciated.

Hi @sijanshs,thank you for the inquiry and sorry for the late reply.

The feature is not supported for now but we will add this as a patch in the next coming release.

Thank you very much.

Are there any update about this yet?

Hi @JustTod currently it’s not available yet :pray:t2: