MqttPayloadResponse.fromJson error

I have encountered an issue while working with a new community chat. Specifically, after creating the chat and subscribing to its messages, I attempted to write a message from a user I added to this chat during its creation. However, I did not receive the message through the subscribed stream.

Upon investigating further, I identified an error in the mqtt_payload_response.dart file. In the factory MqttPayloadResponse.fromJson method, I received the following error: “String is not a subtype of type int.” It seems that in the version field, which expects data of type int, sometimes data of type String is being received.

Hello @Andrik , Let me check with my team, and if we have any updates, I’ll get back to you.

Hello @Andrik, we have deployed the fix, could you please re-test and let us know if you still encounter the issue. Thank you.

Hello @amitysupport , I checked, but the problem remained the same.

Hello, we have applied another fix, could you please recheck?