Not able to get more followers/followings than 20

import { UserRepository } from '@amityco/js-sdk';

const liveFollowingsList = UserRepository.getFollowings(userId, status);

liveFollowingsList.once('dataUpdated', (data) => {
  console.log('data:', data, liveFollowingsList);

When I check the console.log, it looks like this:

Actually, we have 75 followings but I can load 20 followings.
How can I get all the "followings?

I am guessing it’s due to pagination? They allow you to specify page #, and how many results to return per page I think,

but on this API page, I don’t see where to specify pageId or page #: Amity API



@abhishek please refer to this docs: Amity API - the pagination will be returned at the bottom of the response if there is the next page. You can then use the token to fetch the next results.

"paging": {
    "next": "string",
    "prev": "string"