Poll are not coming in globalFeed, any one have any idea?

I have created poll but unable to get this in globalFeed. Poll is created with .targetMe()

Hello @princegoyal ,

Can you confirmed if the poll is successfully created and is visible on your user feed?

Regarding the issue with polls not showing up at the Global Feed, it might be that the feed currently sorts posts by engagement. If your poll post is relatively new, it might might not be show up at the top of the feed.

For more detailed information on custom post ranking in the Global Feed, you can refer to our documentation here.

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Hi @amitysupport ,
My post is successfully created and I am able to see in console as you can see in attached screenshot, but unable to get in
.getPagingData(token: token, limit: 20),
I have total 5 post(4 post in user 485, 1 poll post in user 721), I am fetching globalFeed from user 721, It returns all type of post except that 1 poll post.

Hello @princegoyal,

Let me pass this to my team, and I’ll get back to you if we have any updates.

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Support team

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Hi @amitysupport ,
I am getting poll post but don’t know where to get options? please see the screenshot there is no parameter for options.

Hello, after our team has checked, currently, the Flutter SDK only supports video, image, and file post types. We are planning to add support for Poll post types in the future.

Screenshot 2567-01-08 at 11.55.21

Link: Query Post - Amity Docs

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