Subchannel unread count real time update

My application needs to update the unread count for a subchannel in real time.

I am following the steps in the docs, but the live subchannel does not update in real time.

Here is my code:

It seems that the handleLiveObject function executes once, which is when the page first loads. When I receive a message in the subchannel, the function is not executed.

Hello @keyyuwan , From the issue you’ve inquired about, we’d like to ask if you have already called this function:

import { Client } from '@amityco/ts-sdk';



Yes, I am calling this function when I authenticate the amity client
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@keyyuwan Let me pass to check with my team.

Hello, may I know which version of the Amity TypeScript SDK you’re currently using, please?

I am using version 6.18.0

Hello, thank you for confirming the details. We’ve successfully replicated the issue and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Okay, I’ll await your update

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Hello, could you please re-test? We have addressed the real-time issue.

Hey, sorry for the delay in responding. I re-tested it and now the messages are now being received in real-time, but the message count stays the same, it only updates when I refresh the page.

@keyyuwan Following your report that you are still experiencing issues with the unread count not updating, we would like to ask for additional information: What type of channel are you experiencing this issue with?

I am experiencing the same issue. Using “conversation” type with subchannels.


“conversation” type with subchannels as mentioned by skullicious.

Thank you for confirmation, will keep you both posted on the updates.

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Hello @keyyuwan @skullicious , could you help confirm your app region for me, please?

My app regfion: US region

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Hi there, my region is currently set to EU.

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Hello, we found the potential root cause for this, aiming to release the fix by this week.

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Hello @keyyuwan We have addressed the issue you reported in version 6.23.0. Please check again, and if the problem persists, feel free to notify us.

Hello @amitysupport Now it’s working properly. Thanks!

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