[ts-sdk] missing 'myReactions' in post

So I am using the ts-sdk 6.4.5 and running into another problem:

I am using


to create a liveCollection and update the displayed list of posts whenever a post is created or updated.

How to reproduce the issue:

  • User A creates a Post and adds a like reaction to it.
  • The reactionCount is 1; post.myReactions includes ‘like’
  • User B likes the same post
  • User A receives the updated post via live collection
    The reactionCount is 2 (correct); the myReactions array is undefined (IMO incorrect)

When User A reboots and initializes a new connection the ‘myReactions’ are correct for the first .getPosts(…) again until somebody else likes the post

A few days ago my code has been working as intended and I did not make any changes. So I suspect there might be something wrong on your side or have you changed the meaning of the ‘myReactions’ array?

Thx for your help

Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. Noted on this, passing to our team to check.

Hi @amitysupport thx for taking a look, is there any news on this feature?

Hi @Avo ,

Our team is currently working on fixing this. If there’s a timeline/resolution confirmed we’ll let you know asap. Apologies for any inconvenience meanwhile & thank you for your patience.

Amity Support

ok, thx for the update

Hi @Avo ,

We’ve just released the fix, please upgrade to v. 6.5.2.

Thank you,
Amity Support

Hi @amitysupport

I updated to 6.5.2 but the problem remains.
I am in the EU region, if that makes any difference?

Hi @Avo ,

We’ve found and fixed the issue can you please try with vers. 6.5.4?

Apologies for any convenience caused in delay and thank you for your patience!

Amity Support

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Yes, thank you. 6.5.4 solves the issue :+1: