UIKit Limiting Selected Images in Native Menu

Hey folks,
So I noticed that in the Open Source UIKit in Creator/index.js there is a constant that limits the number of files, which is what I want, however when hitting one of the uploader buttons the native menu doesn’t limit the number of files to be uploaded at all. I’ve seen this be limited before but I’m totally new to React so I’m not even sure how the uploader buttons are actually accessing the native menu, let alone how to fix it. :sweat_smile: Also, should a user try to upload more than the max, instead of just being limited like the code appears to attempt, this error is thrown.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you,

Hello, just wanted confirm, are you implementing this using webview?

Good morning support folks,
Yes, that is correct.

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Hello, would you be able to share the code with us? Additionally, if you could provide a screen recording of the process where you encounter the error, it would be incredibly helpful for us to assist you on this.

Hi again,
It’s just the unedited UIKit here: https://github.com/AmityCo/Amity-Social-Cloud-UIKit-Web-OpenSource/blob/develop/src/social/components/post/Creator/index.js

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Thank you for the clarification, our team will continue checking on this, we will keep you posted.

Could you please help share a screen recording as well? We cannot replicate this from our original code, and it shows a message saying we’ve reached the upload limit.

Screenshot 2566-09-08 at 11.59.16

Had to make a drive link since this doesn’t allow videos RPReplay_Final1694447250.MP4 - Google Drive

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Thank you, will pass to the team to check.

Hello, Could you please provide more details about the browser, since you mentioned it’s a webview? Additionally, could you clarify the format of these images?