When a comment is unliked , the color does not change, it remains the same

When a comment is unliked , the button color does not change it remains the same.

Hello @Kiran From the issue you’ve reported, we request the following information for further investigation:

  1. Please send a code snippet of the part where the issue occurs.
  2. A screen recording of the reported issue.
  3. The version of the Web UIKit you are currently using.

Please provide us with these details so we can further investigate your issue.

Hi Team , unable to upload video

and the UIkit version used is 2.0.1

@Kiran Could you please provide us with a screenshot ?


Hello, regarding UI reaction issue, please updating your uikit version to the latest one: Web (React) - Amity Docs

Migration guide: Web UIKit v3.0 Migration Guide - Amity Docs

When you mentioned that you are unable to upload the video, could you please provide more details about the error and share some screenshots or a recording?