Where is the user list for a particular reaction stored?

Hey there, I see in the documentation and in the amity cloud console that for each reaction to a post, a list of users who made that reaction is stored. Is there any way to access this list in our app such that we can query a list of everyone who reacted to a post? I understand that the count of total reactions can be accessed but I want to specifically query the list of users who reacted to determine whether or not an individual user has reacted to a post.

Hope this made sense! Thank you in advance!

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Hi @JamesBuret ,

Please find how to query list of users of each reaction Social Management - Amity Docs

Amity Support

Additionally, if you need to query reactions on your app, including information about the reactors, you can find detailed instructions in this section of the documentation: https://docs.amity.co/social/reactions/query-reactions