About Analytics

I want to get number of posts for specific users and total number of reactions for specific users How can make it

@hossam To fetch posts for specific users or based on the number of reactions from specific users, we suggest utilizing Webhook events. You can implement logic filters on your frontend to achieve this.

For more details, check out this documentation:

I think what you give me it not helpful !
this is check the i created post or not only , I want to get all the number of posts I created I think it easy for you to make it , so i can’t understand why you give me a webhook to check the post is created or not

Unfortunately, this is the only approach we have available. The webhook is designed to capture all activity, including post creations and reactions. You can track who creates posts, how many posts they created and tally their contributions, similar to monitoring reactions. This should address your needs.

For further details on the webhook, please see: Amity Documentation on Real-Time Events.