About Follow notification

How can make the user that i make follow to him know that i follow him using Api server

Hello @hossam , From your query, we would like to request additional information. Please let us know which of our services you are using, on which platform, and the version number.

I used Api Service and I don’t know what you mean about platform and the version number
If you ask about ios or android or something like that ?
No i didn’t use any of that i already a backend and want to make push notification for the follow and the front end is used ReactNative

Hello, Based on your question, it seems you are referring to Webhooks. To assist you further, you can find detailed information on how to use Webhooks in Amity through the following links:

These resources should guide you in setting up and utilizing Webhooks effectively. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out.