How do use push notifications with webhooks


I’m trying to use webhooks to send push notifications. We need to translate content and then send it over Amity. Is this this possible? If yes, how to set it up?

Hello @mali8 For your question, please refer to the following documentation to set up a webhook: Real-Time Events | Amity Docs.

I have the webhook set up. Sorry for not being clear.

On the webhook i get this event Amity API

I will translate the content and from this point i’m not sure how to send the notification to the end user over Amity?

Hello, thank you for your clarification. We provide webhook events that clients can use based on their requirements and use cases. Unfortunately, we do not support push notification translation.

So if we use the webhooks for the notifications we need to send the notification and can’t use Direct Push Notifications?

@mali8 We only provide webhook events for user actions. To convert these actions into push notifications, you need to integrate the webhook with a push notification provider, such as Firebase. Additionally, you must translate our webhook data before sending it through the push notification provider.