Access to the data

Our company plans on training various ML models and integrating various AI/ML solutions based on data that is stored by Amity. Given the potentially large amounts of data that we might have to use, is there any way we can have more direct access to Amity’s databases to make accessing and using this data easier?

@awareai-dev While Amity understands the potential need for direct database access for large-scale tasks like training machine learning models, we do not provide direct access due to security and privacy concerns. Instead, we recommend using our API for safe and secure data access.

Amity’s API can handle large amounts of data, including community data, user information, and posts. However, there are limitations, such as 1 post per API call, 100 comments per post, and 100 API calls every 5 seconds.

Additionally, you can use our real-time events via webhooks to create a data lake for further analytics. This approach allows you to connect to other platforms and customize your analytics based on your needs. For more information, please refer to our real-time events documentation