AmityUiKitSocial with secure mode enabled

Hey Guys,

I have integrated AmityUiKitSocial to a react app. Everything was working correctly, the communities were showing inside the UiKit component.

I enabled Secure Mode. Implemented Authentification in backend (as per documentation) to return authKey and changed the implementation to:

            locale={selectedLangauge || "es"}
            <AmityUiKitSocial />

added the authToken props but the the UI looks like this:

nothing is loading.

I don’t see any errors in the console regarding this.

If I inspect the network request I see that there is call to that returns an access token:

If I take that accessToken and do an API call to get the communities:

GET {{ url }}/api/v3/communities
Authorization: Bearer {{ accessToken }}

the API returns the data. So the access token and authToken seems to be correctly validated as I see correct responses from the API, but the doesn’t load anything?

Can someone advise on this?

Thank you.

Hello, your implementation seems correct. Could you please try closing/killing the react app > enable secure mode > then run the react app again.

Thanks. Look like the issue is that the component is rendered before the Client is in “established” session state.