Can't use text formatting (bolding, line break, etc.) when sending messages via API

When I include any HTML like < b > or < i >, in the text when sending a message to an Amity channel, it gets stripped away, and submitted as plain text, even when sending a message via the API like from this API below for example:
Amity API

Is there a way I can utilize text formatting? I want to be able to bold some text, or add line breaks, etc in the messages sent to channels.

Hello, Amity API treats post messages as plain text and does not support rich text formatting (bold, italic, links, etc.) out of the box. This is because the API is designed to ensure the security and integrity of the data, and to prevent potential cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

However, it’s up to the client-side editor and message renderer to support text formatting. This means that you can implement a system on your frontend side that allows for text formatting. For example, you can use a mark-down language and wrap text with symbols so your frontend can detect and render it according to the symbol meaning.