Send Messages

Hello when try to send message using your API Services

"channelId": "string",
"messageId": "string",
"type": "text",
"data": {
"text": "string"
"fileId": "string",
"parentId": "string",
"metadata": {},
"tags": [
"mentionees": [
"type": "user",
"userIds": [

What is the Parent Id ? and How can send text message or image message and what should be in the messageId and what this used for and the notfication of message doesn’t work if I don’t put mentions?

ParentID is the message ID to which you intend to reply. For sending or creating messages, please refer to the API here: Amity API and adjust the type as needed. You can disregard the messageID as it will be automatically generated for you.

Regarding push notifications, since you’re utilizing the API, you’ll need to implement them on your end. You may find our webhook useful for this purpose: Push Notifications | Amity Docs