Client Registration for Push Notifications

Pertaining to the instructions on this page on the Docs:
Register and Unregister Push Notifications on a Device - Amity Docs

I am trying to complete client registration either through the web SDK (JS) or Unity (C#), because our app itself is in Unity, but we display some of the Amity content as webpages through a web view in the Unity app. So not totally sure what method is best.

However, I only see the sample code instructions in Swift/Android/Flutter.
Can this bit of the code be in the Unity app (C#), or on the Amity UI Kit react code, to register users to push notifications?

I’ve done the other steps of enabling Push Notifications on Amity Console, and uploaded an iOS PNS Certificate there.

Hi @abhishek ,

Unfortunately we don’t support this right now.

  1. We do have for iOS but SDK, A step-by-step guide to register iOS push notifications with Amity SDK for your Chat & Social integration | by Mark Worachote | Aug, 2023 | Amity Developers, but it should be similar.
  2. Another thing we can recommend is for you to register webhook and customize push notification yourself on your side. If you’d like us to enable webhook for you please send request to

Thank you,
Amity Support

Just to confirm, there’s no way to complete that registration code step in just the react Amity UIKit?

For 2) registering webhooks, I still need to complete the client registration process before I can use the webhooks though, no?

Hi @abhishek ,

  1. If it’s for ReactJS, unfortunately, no.
  2. To implement push notification via webhook: Push Notifications - Amity Docs >

In this scenario, there’s no SDK involvement needed. The whole notification process is managed on your end.

This process does not require any SDK involvement. You can store the events and develop the push notification system on your own: Webhook Events - Amity Docs

Thank you,
Amity Support