Deleted category still showing in mobile

I have deleted the category from amity console but it’s still showing in android device , When I debug the code noticed “AmityCommunityCategory” is not updated, so the deleted category still available in the category list in mobile. Is that issue from mobile end, if yes Could you please guide me how to resolve this issue.

Hi @IMKalpataru can you please add these sample code below:

            .includeDeleted(includeDeleted = false)

Please let us know if you have further questions :))

Hi ,
Already the code is available ,but after delete category the “IsDeleted” attribute is still false. It should be true. Once i uninstall app and install again then IsDeleted is get refreshed.

fun getCategories(): Flowable<PagedList> {
return communityRepository.getCategories()

Hello @IMKalpataru we cannot reproduce this on our side, may I know your current sdk version please? Have you tried with the latest version 5.26?

I have verified with 5.26 version , Currently we are using 5.23.0 version .

@IMKalpataru You are facing the same issue in the latest version as well? Also, you mentioned that IsDeleted gets refreshed after you uninstalled and reinstalled the app, means the deleted categories disappeared after that? Have you tried just leave that page and come back again?

May I ask are you using the open-source UIKit or our packaged one?

@amitysupport Yes I am facing the same in latest version as well. Yes as I said before after new install the deleted category disappeared (its working as expected).I Just leave the page 15min and come back still the deleted category shown in the list.

I am using open-source UIKit

Can you please check if you call query category again after you leave and come back to that page? Please note that it’s not auto refresh.